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Custom Sections

The WASM Analyzer Custom Sections page is accessible as a navigation item in the WASM Analyzer navigation menu. The navigation item is only clickable if the .wasm file or package contains one or more Custom Section. The Custom Sections list displays a representation of the available Custom Sections in a given .wasm file, or package. You can read more about custom sections in the Custom sections part of our WebAssembly overview documentation.

Custom Sections view The Custom Sections view

Custom Sections search function

Above the Custom Sections list, you’ll find the search bar:

Search bar The Custom Sections search bar

To run a basic search for Custom Section names matching a specific name search query, click on the search field. Type in a search word and press the enter key, tab out of the search field, or click elsewhere on the page. After you initiate a search, the list will update with a set of search results matching your query. If no matches are available, the list will be emtpy.

The Custom Sections list

In the Custom sections list, you’ll find a list of custom sections.

The Custom sections list has the following columns:

Name1Custom section name in string format
Description2A description of the purpose of the Custom Section, for known custom sections only
Size3Size in bytes, displayed as kilobytes/megabytes as appropriate

Custom Sections The Custom Sections list.

The list can by sorted by clicking on the Name, or Size column headers. One click sorts the list in in descending order on the selected column. Clicking the same column again sorts the list according to ascending order. A third click on the same column clears the current sort order and returns the list to its original unsorted state.


  • The Custom Sections page can be accessed by clicking the Custom Sections navigation item in the WASM Analyzer sidebar.
  • The Custom Sections page shows a list of Custom Sections inside of a WebAssembly file, or package.
  • The Custom Sections list is searchable and sortable.

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