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In this part of our documentation you’ll find more information about some of the various parts that make up the code inside of a .wasm file or package, and which are available for review in the Nor2 WASM Analyzer.


The sections of a .wasm file or package provide a structure for organizing WebAssembly code.

Known sections

WebAssembly sections can be known. Known sections are predefined parts inside of a .wasm file or package, dedicated to a specific purpose. The list of known WebAssembly sections includes, but isn’t limited to:

sectiondecriptionrelated document
ImportsDefines functions, tables, memories, and globals the internal code of the WebAssembly file needs access to to function.Imports
ExportsDefines functions, tables, memories, and globals that are accessible from within the WebAssembly file, and which can be used by external code.Exports
FunctionsDefines functions within the WebAssembly file.Functions
TablesDefines a vector containing function references.Tables
MemoriesDefines a buffer used for storing data that can be used by code within the WebAssembly file.Memories
GlobalsDefines a vector containing global variables that may be used by code inside and outside the WebAssembly file.Globals

Custom sections

In addition to the known sections of a .wasm file or package, there are Custom Sections. A custom section doesn’t follow a standard like a known section does, and it’s possible for individual WebAssembly files or packages to have uniquely named custom sections. Custom sections are usually used to fill specific requirements that aren’t universal in the same way as those covered by the known sections. read more about custom sections, here.

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