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In the documents of this section, you’ll find a brief overview of some of the larger concepts and features of the WebAssembly ecosystem. What’s written here isn’t meant to make you an expert on Wasm, but rather, it’s a brief primer or refresher on some of the basics, intended to help you understand what the Nor2 WASM Analyzer shows you.


In this part of our documentation, you can read about the following:

conceptdecriptionrelated document
TypesThe internal types supported by WebAssemblyTypes
ModulesStateless objects containing WebAssembly SectionsModules
WebAssembly TextText representation of the WebAssembly binary formatWebAssembly Text (WAT)
The WebAssembly Component ModelModel intended for making WebAssembly more accessible in non-web contextsThe WebAssembly Component Model
WebAssembly Interface TextInterface Description Language (IDL) for WebAssemblyWebAssembly Interface Text (WIT)
WasmTimeEngine for compiled WebAssembly modulesWasmTime